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Programming Languages (in order of most recent usage):

  • Ruby/Rails
  • Javascript
  • PHP

Query languages:

  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • MS-SQL

Development Tools:

  • Sublime Text, Vim
  • Git, Subversion

Operating systems:

  • Mac OS X
  • Linux/Unix
  • Windows


  • PC troubleshooting/construction
  • Networking



Wowzers, LLC – Chicago, Illinois, Web Application Development Team Lead

Provide full-stack Ruby on Rails design and back-end administration for teacher/administrator interface for Wowzers, a core curriculum mathematics teaching tool for elementary school students. Refactored entire application from the ground up to utilize RESTful architecture; redesigned user interface to enhance usability and minimize learning curve for new users. Currently responsible for deployment, maintenance, development, product development, and product support.

Specific tasks:

  • Evaluated response time within the application and implement measures to improve performance, utilizing caching as well as background processing with Sidekiq and Redis.
  • Wrote custom API endpoints for several vendors in order to integrate with their systems to provide single sign on and user provisioning.
  • Worked with contract design firm to completely overhaul the look and feel of the application.
  • Refactored logic for student progression through the curriculum to allow for complete customization by the teacher or administration utilizing JSON and Redis for speed.


Tukaiz, LLC – Franklin Park, Illinois, Application Developer/Data Specialist

Provided full-stack Ruby on Rails design and back-end administration for web applications. Developed custom applications through all stages of the systems development life cycle process for major corporate clients; applications varied from e-commerce to project management software. Developed, tested and implemented business intelligence applications and reporting tools related to customer correspondence and lead generation for firm’s major client, State Farm Insurance, utilizing PHP and MySQL. Rapidly integrated into product support team for in-house intranet; took ownership of support, development and upgrades for several major in-house applications.

Specific tasks include:

  • Ruby on Rails Projects:
    • Lead role on development team for Taco Bell’s marketing project managment software based in Ruby on Rails 3. Features included user authentication and management, role-based authorization, file uploads via javascript/flash, and workflow management.
    • Major role on development team for Tukaiz Backstage, a customer-facing web-to-print ecommerce software based in Ruby on Rails 2.2.2. Developed administrative backend, reporting, and fulfillment backend for distribution centers.
  • PHP Projects:
    • Development of complete data entry system for customer response mail, including administrative interface, graphical reporting of data entry to State Farm, and internal reports.
    • Conversion of data import and lead response system to adhere to new data formats as dictated by State Farm.
    • Created scheduled and ad-hoc reports for internal and external departments using MySQL.
    • Completed overhaul of user access administration for in-house applications in order to tie together several disparate systems.
  • Initiated and oversaw systemwide optimization of SQL queries to increase speed and efficiency.

Gordian Health Solutions, Inc. – Nashville, Tennessee, Lead Data Analyst
Provided data analysis and corporate reporting for both internal and client data feeds. Gathered requirements, analyzed needs, and designed new reports or updated existing reports in response to client requests.  Supervised three Data Analysts to ensure that data file imports and scheduled report feeds were completed on time and checked for quality assurance for 100+ clients.

Specific tasks include:

  • Negotiated data requirements with clients.
  • Imported data files while examining them for integrity of format and information.
  • Provided technical support to clients.
  • Created scheduled and ad-hoc reports for clients using MS-SQL.
  • Provided any requested ad-hoc reporting for internal business analysis.
  • Provided support and supervision on other Data Analysts.

VCCH, Inc. – Nashville, Tennessee, Information Technology Specialist

Met with clients, determined specifications for projects, translated specifications into real-world applications, and presented the solution to the customer. Developed websites for clients and internal company web sites, including design and back-end programming. Provided client support for the Asterisk PBX, including troubleshooting and installation.

1998 to 2004
Van Money Manager Research – Nashville, Tennessee, Manager – Information Technology

Supported end-user applications, provided help desk functions and end-user training.  Designed and produced marketing materials, including integration of proprietary software with desktop publishing software to automate the production of these materials.  Maintained and developed the company’s main website, as well as an investors-only site giving clients the ability to check their portfolios and returns.

Specific tasks include:

  • Built and maintained the company’s 25-user Windows network.
  • Provided help desk support for end users (application, networking, hardware).
  • Provided database support and development in Microsoft Access.
  • Virus and external networking threat management.
  • Performed end-user training for applications.
  • Created processes for automating marketing materials and perform user training.
  • Web site development and maintenance, including PHP programming.

Information and Technology Services Columbia, Missouri, User Consultant

Aided users in computer operation, attended to computer and printer maintenance, and checked users in and out of the lab.


University of Missouri – Columbia, Missouri 1993-1998
Major: Bachelor of Science in Education; specialization in secondary school Spanish
Graduating G.P.A.: 3.26

References available upon request