Anyone who knows me would know that I am not particularly militant when it comes to feminism. I am not a man-hater. I like men. I have many menfriends. I married one. I think they’re neat.

But crap like this happens, and I have to say something:

Talking about acts of sexual assault at tech conferences (which is apparently what engendered the above tumblr) does not equal looking for a sacrificial lamb. It is addressing a very real problem in the culture, the culture many of us belong to. And people need to know that when acts of sexual assault or harassment happen in our culture, there are very real consequences, not only to the people involved, but to the community at large.

Many of us want our culture to expand and include all kinds of different people with new, amazing ideas and different ways of thinking. People do not join a community in which they feel threatened from the get-go. We do not need the talent pool to stagnate, people. Also? Comparing feminists to the Westboro Church is not doing you any favors.