I learned several things from this cake, many of them technicalities of cake, and several more general things, such as:

  1. Everything will take longer than you think.
  2. Cake is hard work, but it does make you popular.
  3. Try not to break your dishwasher’s faucet coupler before a large baking project.
  4. The Point of Diminishing Returns is not just a theory.

And, without further ado:

Carrie's Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake for Carrie Dahlby and Josh Rasey, 5/30/09
Bottom tier – vanilla sour cream cake w/ vanilla buttercream
Middle tier – chocolate cake w/ vanilla buttercream
Top tier – low sugar chocolate cake w/ low sugar Italian meringue buttercream
Entirely covered in marshmallow fondant with fondant roses and heart decorations

Based on a Sedona Wedding Cakes design

(photo by Jered Perez)