I voted this morning. I guess I got lucky, I showed up at 8:45 and there was 1 person in line ahead of me.

They asked me if I wanted to vote on paper or electronically. I couldn’t say paper fast enough. Hell, I work in computers and there was no way I was voting electronically. No paper trail? Oh hell no. I was slightly disturbed that they did not ask for any ID, but they did have my name on the voter roll, and I did have to match my signature that was on the slip, so it’s not like someone under one name could have voted multiple times – but still, someone could vote under another person’s name, by accident or no.

Edit: A bit of amusement: An older gentlemen saw my hair and said, “Oh, so you’re campaigning for the blue states?” I smiled and replied, “Nope – the purple ones!”

If you have voting problems in any part of the USA – if you’ve registered and they tell you that you can’t vote for any reason, such as that you moved too recently, or your house is listed as foreclosed, or your place burned down last week, or you’re not in the system, or whatever other BS reason they come up with – don’t give up.

If you have any any problems voting call:
The CNN Voter Hotline (877) 462-6608 (877-GO-CNN-08) – they are set up with InfoVoter Technologies to get help with any voter problems.
or The Obama campaign: (877) 874-6226 (877-US-4-OBAMA)
or The McCain campaign: (866) 976-8683 (866-976-VOTE)

Good night, and good luck.