Father leaves nine children at Nebraska hospital
Children left at Nebraska hospitals: more details

I can only assume that being a parent of a mentally disturbed child is the most difficult, painful job you can have. And when you say “help me” there should be somewhere to turn. However, due to the Reagan administration, mentally disturbed people have been mainstreamed for years – read: “stuck out in public to fend for themselves.” So, I feel for all these parents who have come to the end of their rope and taken Nebraska at its word that they will give the help they’ve promised to their children.

Being a parent of more kids than you can handle (the “father of nine” mentioned has a history of unemployment and “no common sense”) is also just as hard, and when your spouse dies and you’re left to handle the children you couldn’t handle in the first place, yes, you need help.

But again, there’s nowhere to turn – and why the hell not? If all these pro-life groups are serious, shouldn’t there be centers, groups, programs for all these kids that are being born? Shouldn’t there be help for parents that feel overwhelmed by their children? Shouldn’t we have better support for families? Health care for children? Pre-natal programs for mothers?

(Oh wait, I forgot. The pro-life groups are too busy sitting outside of abortion clinics on all their free time. Maybe more of them should be foster parents.)

If the government is going to make laws over what access women do and don’t have to birth control and abortion, then the government should be prepared to deal with the consequences – a whole lot of children that won’t get the care they need from their parents, because their parents didn’t have access to the knowledge or materials to prevent unwanted children.