Thinking about voting for McCain?

McCain wants to add the employer’s cost [of health insurance] — an additional $8,824 [on average] — to that middle class family’s income, then tax it. The hit to the average family is 15 percent of the McCain-added income — $1,323 more in income taxes.

Here’s the way the New York Times put it in an April 30 story, in which there was only straight talk: “Mr. McCain’s health care plan would shift the emphasis from insurance provided by employers to insurance bought by individuals.” Since 2000, the percentage of employers offering health insurance has declined from 69 percent to 60 percent.

Could you get health insurance on your own? Are you overweight? Diabetic? A smoker? Ever been admitted to the hospital for anything? Depression? High blood pressure? Or something really expensive – cancer, MS, HIV? Yeah, good luck.

If you’re hoping that voting for McCain means that the government will promote a sane health care policy, please read the comparison of the actual proposed policies.